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    What tests can SW11 Clinic


    £ 140
    • Test for Active infection
    • 99% overall accuracy
    • Throat & Nasal Swab
    • Results within 48 Hours
    • Fit & Fly Travel Certificate
    48h Results

    Antingen Rapid

    £ 100
    • Test for Active infection
    • 98% overall accuracy
    • Throat & Nasal Swab
    • Results within 15 minutes
    • Fit & Fly Travel Certificate
    15 Minutes


    £ 280
    • 99% overall accuracy
    • PCR Swab Test
    • Throat & Nasal Swab
    • Same Day Appointments
    • Same Day Results
    Same Day

    Certificate for Coronavirus Testing

    If you are looking for a COVID-19 Test Certificate for international travel, then SW11 Clinic can assist.  Some Countries have imposed strict quarantine regulations for anyone entering, typically requiring a 14 day isolation period.

    However, for some destinations the quarantine requirement is waived with a Fit to Fly certificate. If the passenger is holding a valid COVID-19 Certificate of Testing which shows there is no infection.

    Please check with your destination to see if they are accepting Fit to Fly COVID-19 Test Certificates, and to determine how soon before departure the test has to be undertaken.

    SW11 Clinic Clapham

    SW11 Clinic provides Fit to Fly Coronavirus Test Certificates for international travel and immigration.

    Do I need a PCR test to fly?

    This would depend on several factors; testing requirements vary across the globe, depending on the destination, country of departure along with the status of the travellers themselves. More and more countries are requiring travellers—particularly tourists or non-residents— to submit a negative RT-PCR test report from an accredited or approved laboratory conducted within a specific time window. Failure to produce this document may result in them getting denied boarding, denied entry, and/or facing mandatory institutional quarantine once they’ve arrived at their destinations.

    Some countries with more stringent entry regulations, for example the UAE, even mandate travellers to submit a pre-departure negative RT-PCR test report followed by another test at the airport upon arrival.

    As rules regarding testing requirements and important travel documents could change at a moment’s notice these days, it’s best to keep up with the news and stay in contact with the country’s embassy.

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